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Quality Time Testimonials

First of all, I wanted to say that I cannot even imagine how difficult
and stressful this decision must be for you and your family. I know
that you are the type of person that follows your heart…not
necessarily for you, but you are always thinking about how actions
will effect others. I think that change is scary for everyone,
especially when things are running smoothly.

Here is what I can tell you from my experience over the last two years
having our boys at Quality Time. It is not just a school – it’s a
tight knit family. It starts at the level of the kids, where
essentially their classmates are more like siblings, and goes all the
way up to the teachers and parents. They say “it takes a village” and
honestly,  I love our little village. Quality Time is our kids’ home
away from home.

There is a reason QT has grown so much and why every parent wants to
have their children in your care. It’s because you are an extension of
us. You are the normal, everyday mom who understands how difficult it
is to raise a family and work and try to balance it all. You also
understand how many hours our kids are in care outside of our homes
and you work so hard to make sure that they have every experience that
we (as working parents) don’t necessarily have the time to give to

There is no doubt in my mind that this new move will be a very
successful one for you and that every single parent at QT will follow
to the new location because of the culture of QT. It’s the love that
you, your staff and every QT parent gives to all of the children in
our QT family…a culture you created.

I can’t wait to hear the good news when you sign the lease today!!

- Parent

Dear Quality Time-

We just wanted to write a letter recognizing and thanking you and your staff for the incredible job that you have done and how wonderfully satisfied we are as parents with our selection to have our children grow both socially and academically with the curriculum that you and your staff executes during those critical hours day after day, week after week where we can’t be there as responsible, nurturing parents.

Choosing proper childcare and pre-school for children is difficult in this day and age for all parents with so many factors to consider.  It is just so refreshing and such a relief as parents to know that not only are cutting edge learning plans and modern technology being implemented at Quality Time, but serious emphasis is placed on the basic concepts such as safety, cleanliness, individual student attention and relationship building with both parent and child with you and all of your staff!

Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, when we walk through that door, every member of the staff is engaged with the children, organizing the many activity areas or deep cleaning every nook and cranny!  You just don’t see dedication like that elsewhere!
Our children come home with daily progress reports, detailed, hand-written hour by hour recaps of what went on in their day and always with communication from the QT staff as to what will be happening next.

Seasonal field trips, carnival day celebrations and evening childcare for parents to have a “date night” are just a few of the many programs that keep the kids plugged in and truly provide parents with that elusive 25th hour in the day!  These are time tested ideas that are performed with modern thinking by a very creative and dedicated staff who understand that the development of the children is always in focus.

So as another school year begins and another group of hopeful young minds prepare to take on the challenges and jubilation of elementary school, we are so thankful that our children were afforded the structured social experience and academic foundation to begin what we hope will be a lifelong love of learning!

Our heartfelt thanks & admiration to you all

We love Quality Time, and so happy Kama is apart of this school

- Parent

Love…love…love Quality Time! Including their Summer program.

- Parent