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Jefferson Township Teen Scene

Jefferson Township Teen Scene is Coming !

Friday nights will be dull no more for middle school and freshmen students in Jefferson Township, with the inaugural event of Jefferson Township Teen Scene set to happen on March 20, with a snow date of March 27.

The first event will have a Winter/Spring theme, with a DJ, video games, games and activities for prizes, and free snacks. All the action will take place at Camp Jefferson, starting at 7:30 p.m., with pick-up time between 9:45 and 10 p.m.

The Teen Scene is the result of a great deal of hard work and effort by the Jefferson Township Recreation Department, which will run the Scene, the Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance, Jefferson Township Connect and the Junior Woman’s Club of Jefferson Township.

Most of the events will be held at Camp Jefferson, in the main building and the lodge. While each event will have a specific theme and organized activities, there will always be an area set aside for kids to just hang out with their friends.

The Scene already has a wealth of student and parent volunteers. Each has received child abuse prevention training, first aid training, and the Rutgers safety course required for all volunteers at township activities.

The current board is currently looking for volunteers interested in leadership positions with the Teen Scene board.

Registration is required for participation in the Teen Scene, with a fee of $10. Each individual event will then be free of charge. Registration forms can be found by going to the Jefferson Township website. For more information, contact jeffersonteen2015@gmail.com or Kim Reid at (973) 617-7041 or you can go to their Facebook Page.


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