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Oak Ridge NJ Kindergarten Enrichment Program

Most towns in Morris County offer only AM or PM Kindergarten classes. Whether they’ve attended preschool for many years, or Kindergarten is their first school experience, the few hours offered by their morning-only or afternoon-only Kindergarten are typically not enough to meet most kindergartners growing curiosities and desire to master the basics. Kindergartners generally are highly motivated learners ready to benefit from a full-day of Kindergarten.

Learning how to learn is one of the greatest gifts a child can receive. At Quality Time, our Kindergarten students will be presented with the tools and strategies to unlock the code of the English language.

Orton-Gillingham remediation, the best education a student can receive, is a multi-sensory approach to teaching children to read and write.  While our approach is structured, sequential, and cumulative, it is also individualized to meet the needs of the learner. An Orton-Gillingham tutor will provide individualized instruction to meet the students’ needs in the areas of encoding, spelling, handwriting, written expression, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

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